my work is my life, snippets of my life, who gives a hoot

stupid people

i have to admire the way some people run their businesses in this part of the world. the unwillingness to share, the unwillingness to help, the unwillingness to disclose any kind of freaking information. yeah right, i’m asking them to hand their business over to me, i’m asking them for a loan, i’m asking them to disclose their secret business formula. as if that even existed for them! ppfffttt!

stupid people. the bane of my agony. i regret putting web coding so high up in the list of causes of agony. it should be way far down. stupid selfish people deserves the best seat up there.

so i’m stuck for a bit, trying to make sure i get 100% cotton twill for my cushion covers, trying to look for durable cotton material for pillowcases. again, needle in a hay stack. with plenty of hay stacks and i have no freaking idea which 1 to go look in!


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