my work is my life

my happy forest

i guess i can’t seem to escape from this conclusion which i’ve made, that people from this part of the world, typically thrive in a pretty negative social environment. i am always looking out for valuable constructive critisicms. but most of what people here can give are sarcasms, doubts, mindless crticisms, irrational envy and jealousy, and overall dissactisfaction and unhappiness. it disturbs me alot and i end up being very sad quite often nowadays …

my odd little forest is a happy little odd forest. everything is bright, gay and happy. but with alot of spunk, attitude, character, and personality. not hello kitty world. i’m glad i spent some time overseas and know how things work outside of all these negativity. i’m happy to know that there are nice people out there who are sincerely willing to help out without expecting to gain anything in return. i’m grateful that my true friends are a very supportive lot. and i’m happy that my mummee and b are behind me all the way. big beary hugs for you guys!


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