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want to thank lisa for mentioning inQbox to me. she always seems to be providing me with these little suggestions and recommendations. so wonderful! so now forestprints is in a physical store at a space in far east plaza 🙂 need to tell myself, quit being so stressed. relax and things will work out just fine.

so for those who don’t know what inQbox is, it is founded and owned by danas njoto, an entrepreneur who wishes to boost entrepreneurship, the shop has 180 modular shelving boxes open for creative types, who have great enterprising ideas but simply not enough funds or support to make their dreams come true, to showcase and sell their wares.

each box costs from $80 to $138 a month, depending on size and location, and tenants have to take the space for three months minimum. i’ve hooked up with 2 mid-priced boxes, one above the other, so that there’ll be vertical space to hang my tees and what-nots. and i like the place because it has a clean, bright and classy look, and apprently they have quality control over the type of products that get to be sold or displayed, which means the look and feel of the whole shop is quality controlled and i won’t need to worry about having “lousy neighbors”… haha :-p

cheers to making sales!


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