my work is my life

happy weird family

so i’ve added my new family of forest creatures 🙂 the very lovable and crappy forest freaks. and some people out there actually likes them so the first batch have all been sold at at inQbox! things are crazy crazy crazy. i’ve to rush out the second batch of freaks for sale at inQbox, and then i’ve to prepare for my clarke quay sunday market fun, and then i fall sick! all at the freaking same time. right now i’m sniffing away at my powerbook, trying very hard to regain at least SOME energy to pack the sunday market items… sigh. a personal live talking moving assistant cum secretary will definitely help *wishful thinking* i’ve been having high fever for the past 2 days… still having it now.. and it doesn’t help that i’m alone at home with all these tons of work to get done. i just hope i don’t infect my freaks while coughing and sewing them, and then spread my powerful flu virus to people who buy them. get better right now! uurrgghh


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