my work is my life

pixelgirl presents ROCKS!

so, a desktop design i had submitted to pixelgirl has won the “Sexy Featured Desktop” award! and i’ve even been given a badge so that i can put on my site to brag about this achievement.. haha! it’s third time lucky, since this is actually the third time my design has been accepted. and they rock not just because they’ve given me this award ok… they’ve been rocking for quite some time already and have been categorised under my ie favorites for the past year 🙂

pixelgirl is a god-send portal not only for free kick ass desktop and icon designs, but is also for designers to submit their work to the site for approval and display and maybe gather some exposure and comments. they also have their own pixelgirl products by cafepress, and a fabulous gallery show section that features work of cool young designers and artists! and there’s so much more, you’ll just have to go explore their site yourself !! =p

and now, i think they rock even more because shanalyn, da pixelgirl, has made an order for some of my forestprints stuff hee… so i’m happy that someone out there actually likes my forest kitty enough to buy it! so i guess if pixelgirl rocks, shanalyn rocks too! 0( ^ . ^ )0


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