snippets of my life

new year’s eve

so we, me + b + steven + fai + hazel, fai’s girl, had a steamboat buffet dinner at marriott hotel, it was a pretty good spread and we all had too much to eat! then we headed down to dbl0 for new year’s eve, i wanted zouk but i was the only one who wanted zouk, and it was too late to gain entry there anyways since we were done with our steamboat buffet dinner quite late, so that was that, but hey, if you’re happy and the company is good, who really cares about the place ya, so long as it’s not some dumpster.. haha. but not forgetting to mention… we took 1 hour waiting for a bloody cab! omg…

shotssss at dbl0
Originally uploaded by my little odd forest.

so here’s just a few of the many shots we had that night, b & i were so badly hung over the next day because we didn’t prepare ourselves for the drinks, and also because we were both tired out from work and i was still not fully recovered from my phlegmy cough. so we spent the whole of new year’s day slumped on my sofa sleeping! and i had to “freshen” my little mushroom brooch, which i had on my top that night and had a strong stench of stale cigarettes and alcohol.. eewww heee… but it’s all nice smelling and clean now

yeah… here’s to a fabulously great 2005! bye to the turbulent and mischievious monkey year of 2004!


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