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my forest lucky star babies

my forest lucky star babies
Originally uploaded by my little odd forest.
ooohhh have i told you how much i love my babies?? just looking at them makes me wanna make funny cute noises!! awwww… uuhhhhh….hummpphh… haha!

they’re to be sold exclusively at so they won’t be made available on my own online shop at

however, having said that, they will be appearing at inqbox at far east plaza by this sunday when i go there to restock my items.

And if my eyes don’t go crazy and time permits, they may be appearing at the NUS Bazaar (engineering faculty) from this coming Monday 24th Jan til Wednesday 26th Jan from 9am to 5pm. singaporeans, nus students, people who will be going to the nus for whatever reason, please drop by my stall!! all forestprints items that are being sold there will be at special discounted prices! (because i know how poor college students can get sometimes haha)

guys guys guys (the majority of the engineering faculty i guess??) come get some cute little things for your girls! my hot favorite forest tee design, the flamingo, will be sold there with sizes for both you and your partner! i’ll be only bringing a few pieces in selected colors (tees in bulk are heavy!…) so don’t miss this opportunity 😀

i’ll be sharing the stall with a friend who’s selling handmade jewellery and cute little valentine cards, which means you can get your whole “package” valentine’s day gift deal right at our stall! hee.. so seeee ya!


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