snippets of my life


today this very anal hdb guy came to inspect our apartment for “any unauthoried renovations” done. we’ve sold it and am moving to our beautiful new place, hopefully sometime around april. but before any sales can be finalised, our place has to be inspected for anything “illegal”. yeah, whatever.

so he came late. at first, they actually had the nerve to give us the appointment time as “sometime between 10am to 2pm”. then after some insistence, the time was fixed at 10.30am. he arrived 1 hour late. went straight to the windows, and asked if it was authorised. well duh. then he asked for any form of proof. ok, here’s the deal. the windows were changed more than 10 years ago, and any receipts or whatever documents would have been gone? the authorisation is done by hdb. so it makes obvious sense that they would be the ones keeping the record. and it makes obvious sense for them to look for all proper and relevant paperwork before asking such a duh question. he left less than 5 minutes later, after instructing us to dig up whatever records that we keep and to call up that contractor who did our windows. and if found to be “unauthorised” all the windows will have to be removed and fixed with one that’s “authorised”, at our own cost. and he will come back again when any documents have been found. so no approval from the inspection. heck, he left without even inspecting any other parts of the apartment.

so amazing.


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