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wonderful month of march!

i’ve got FABULOUS NEWS! i can hardly contain my excitement! all the nights of slogging away like a crazy woman! i’m done sewing! my poor eyes are going for a short break! … ermm… well… lets see… i still have to take photographs… edit photographs… upload photographs… update website… okay, so no short break yet.. maybe next week??? i hope…

+ NEW She-Tee and He-Tee Designs have arrived! these newly added ones will be followed by a few more new designs in the following weeks! yippee!!

+ NEW Love-Baboon Pouches are here! they are now available in 3 different colors and color variations!

+ NEW Leafy Zipper Pouches are here! available in fabulous new colors now! Wowee!

+ watch out for our SALE section coming very very very soon! we’ll be starting to clear some of our inventory to make way for more new designs and items!

+ and more! we’ve got ALL sorts of cool new designs and products for this spring season and will continue to add great new items throughout the next few weeks as well! which means… you’ve to come visit very often!!

******* REMINDERS *******

+ for singapore shoppers who have no credit card access, you CAN pay via POSB bank transfer! just email me your order details to, and you’ll receive the payment instructions. it’s that simple!

+ FREE shipping on orders over US$50!

+ if you own a forestprints item (whether you bought it yourself or it was a gift), AND you absolutely love what you have, let us know! we’d love to get your emails and even better, photos of you posing with your forestprints product! we’ll be giving a little special gift away every month to ONE lucky customer who sends these in, and your letter and/or photo may just be featured in our website! you may just be that lucky one *wink*

+ to ensure you keep receiving ::forestprints:: email messages, please add to your address book now!

hmmm… i think that’s all for now folks!


1 thought on “wonderful month of march!”

  1. >i love that post about how selfish people are when you ask them about their business..that’s so true, esp here in asia..kiasu, eh? ;)i think singapore’s way advanced than malaysia. paypal and worldpay does not list malaysia in their merchant list…therefore, i am in a bind on how to put my future stuff online to sell…any suggestions?amy

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