my work is my life

buried under work

i’m overwhelmed… 3 websites… design work…. sewing… freelance… aarrgghhh… will be working overtime this whole weekend and the whole of next week… plus i’ve the sunday market this weekend and next too… i’m late for my The Sampler submission, i’m late for the consignment items for Anthropology, i’m late in mailing the items to ann marie, a model, for photography for my catalog, i haven’t done anything for my wholesale proposal, i’m behind for my new button purses… gosh!!

i’m just trying to squeeze everything into the shortest time available…is that so wrong? i’d like to think that you need to have Ambition, Passion and Perseverance to to successful in life…. the first i was born with… sometimes even bordering on being too unrealistic… the second, i only started developing it in my late teens, before which there were too many things i was passionate about… which was not going to work out… the last i don’t have…something which i’m still trying to work hard on now… well at least i’m still persevering in my attainment for perseverance… or whatever… that didn’t make much sense…

i know too many people who procrastinate too much… i think so many people out there could have done so much more than what they think they could… but sadly they’re just not moving or pushing or even trying to make their way through… they want opportunities to come sitting on their laps, and don’t wish to try “too hard”… and they just keep talking about how much they wish to do that particular something and how difficult it is blah blah blah but are not doing anything at all towards what they want and unwilling to make sacrifices… it just makes me feel very sad and maybe even annoyed… “why are you working so hard for..” “why don’t you go get yourself a proper job and have a regular income…” whatever “proper job” means…


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