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more spring madness

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yoohoo!! check out our new forestprints woolly woolly clutches, zippered versions of our love-baboons, and new forest-phunk purses!


6 thoughts on “more spring madness”

  1. >well, mine is a Raleigh, and I bought it last year for about RM260 (=SG120) or something. I’m sure the price is much lower now..good luck though…I have also used these real retro sewing machines…those black singer complete with its table…haha!but the stiches are really good, they sure dont make them like they used to..

  2. >wahaha… the black one is REALLY ‘retro’! my ‘retro’ sewing machine’s from the 70s.. it was my mum’s wedding gift.. and i killed it… lol.. maybe i should get my new one from m’sia.. hmm.. i saw one yesterday going for like SGD500… sheesh… but it’s quite fancy… lots of functions and stuff..

  3. >yeah man,tell me about it…mine is 14 stiches, and is quite cheap…if you dont think you need other functions (?), a good 20 stich Singer machine can fetch about SG130 when there is a sale here..

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