my work is my life

mood swings

it’s so frustrating to move, pack, clean, work, sew, design, email, pack, do sales, do paper work all the same time!!!!?!

and it doesn’t help that this place frustrates me sooo much! correction.. it’s the people here who are frustrating me soo much! to mention just one out of the countless irritating moments i’ve had… i almost wanted to go over and shake this guy that was in the train today… yah, in this famous tiny city, men and women actually do have equal rights, both men and women push and fight for almost everything possible. i’m not saying all men have to be gentlemanly and give way to the ladies… but do you really have to actually do a small run for the empty seat the second it is available, sit down with a smug look on your face, stare right up at the maybe 7 months pregnant lady with shopping bags, and then indifferently whip up your goddamn newspapers and start reading as if you were really an educated and literate person?

i hope it’s just pms… maybe ordinarily on other days i’d just think it’s funny… and brush all of these off with a “tsk tsk tsk”… maybe…


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