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i know i’ve been behind in emailing newsletters and updates etc. to all ya forestprints newsletter subscribers.. and i also apologize to those very kind people who have requested for consignment items ~ I do so much want to start work on making new stuff for you, i don’t mean to be slack or slow or rude at all! 😦

i just completed a new version of my sunshine leaf tote, i decided to do this since i’ve gotten a few emails asking when i’ll be doing another of it, so tah dah! 😀

completed with my brand new singer sewing machine! yippee! i’ll post pics of the old and as soon as i get my hands on the old sewing machine which is somewhere… sorry for the delay amy!

i’m still not completely done unpacking (when will it ever be??) and i’ve just gotten into a freak accident… xacto blade running through the flesh of my index finger… 1″ long by 0.3″ wide… yes, my b measured it for me, he completely flipped when i walked in front of him while he was watching the late night (early morning) news, and stuck my bleeding profusely finger with flesh and skin hanging off it in front of his face.. haha.. anyways.. i’ll TRY not to cut paper when i’m yawning away…

and i’ve just received my first postcard from the postcard swap!! it’s so exciting! i feel so lucky to have “walter”, by little dear, a fabulous illustrator!

my b thinks its funny that i think carrots are cute but inedible… i love cute vegetables! thanks to buttonarcade! 😀


3 thoughts on “soon!”

  1. >Your new room looks smashing!and hey, you can round up the old and new sewing machine whenever u want to, dont mind me, *LOL*congrats! Here’s to your new apartment, cheers!:)Amy

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