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vacation part I

i’ll be away for a short short while… but orders at our forestprints boutique will still be accepted! things are crazy now, because i’m still rushing through unfinished orders before i leave… aarrgghhh… so i sincerely apologize if i haven’t been responsive to emails or comments or reading your blogs and updates like i should…

so… i’ll be off to manila and baguio city! shopping, scenery, hot springs, resort beaches, spas… oohh… many people haven’t seem to have discovered the beauty of the philippines yet, being more comfortable with the indonesian islands, malaysia and thailand… the few times i’ve been there, i’ve met only exclusively americans, which was weird… for locals, i guess because it’s the furthest away from singapore compared to these other countries, slightly more expensive, and not as tourist friendly, and singaporeans do not seem to have good impressions of that country, i have no freaking idea why… although it’s really not easy to move around places there, unless you’ve some sort of a filipino guide or something… the infrastructure is definitely chaotic and disorganized… you’d have to have really lived there and used the public transport often enough to actually learn and know how to use it, or have driven on their roads countless times to know how to drive there, but it’s definitely a fun and adventurous experience if you know how!

fortunately for me, i’ll be meeting my mum and friends there, so lodgings, food and transportation are covered.. first hurdle… not getting lost in the seriously chaotic manila airport… lol.. singapore is so sterile, i need a dose of such chaos to awaken my senses… and oh, part I because b and i are planning for our part 2 vacation 😉 he’s been kinda beat lately, he needs it… plus, he’s paying for part 2! so who’s complaining… :p


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