snippets of my life


sometimes you can’t help but feel that you’re not being understood, and people are just trying to please you and ‘be nice’ by pretending that they are really ‘hearing’ what you’re saying and sincerely feeling with you…

so sick and tired of compromising… going with the flow… being ‘normal’… and being with ‘the crowd’… and then you get friggin’ disgusted with yourself at the end of the day for what you’ve done just to make life easier in general for yourself and everyone else around you, and for the money, and just because ‘that’s the way things are, so live with it’…



2 thoughts on “lost”

  1. >Awwww, I feel for you, and I know what you mean. Sometimes there will be siutations where people just seem to be nodding and smiling along and you can tell they have NO IDEA what it is you are telling them! And say stuff just to make you feel better. Etc. Sometimes people don’t understand your opinions so it is hard to speak up if you want to as well. Don’t fret 🙂 … that’s what blogs are for! To let loose if u wanna!!

  2. >thanks for your kind words! it was just one of those days when you feel that the tide is against you and you’ve no more strength to fight it.. when i’m feeling good, i’d just think to myself that they’re not very smart to not understand what i’m saying.. lol 😉

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