who gives a hoot


in bits and pieces…

the power of religion.. it can only be the promise of a glorious afterlife that somehow leads to such atrocious acts.. no one is ‘born’ into any religion.. yet mankind choose to artificially label ourselves as muslim, christian, jew etc. even 2 persons born with the same cultural heritage, same race, skin color, and nationality, can be so divided, just because one calls himself a christian, and the other a hindu etc.

so maybe religion is not totally to be blamed here, it’s people who are misusing religion, the work of the extremists.. but surely if the existence of such a powerful and useful weapon is removed, no harm shall be caused by that weapon anymore..

i wonder if it’s a very bad thing that my immunity to such occurences is pretty high.. i remember cooking noodles calmly for my friends who were seeking refuge in my apartment during 9/11 after being chased home from class mid way, in downtown chicago…

how i wish i was back in a country with at least 3 winter months… then i’d definitely appreciate this sweltering unbearable heat much more than i possibly could… and going to the beach would be so much more fun without having sand sticking to your perspiration…

and if only my dad were as approving and proud of me, as he is of so many others who are my peers… not that i care.. it just makes living around him so much easier..

i’ve been buried under work (what’s new) after a very short wonderful weekend of fun and relaxation, thanks to my b, mao, di and gang! my inbox is choked full and emails seems to be trickling in in huge chunks.. something wrong again?!.. so if i’ve not replied your emails YET, please please forgive me.. i will get to them this weekend

it’s an early night for me today.. 2.34am.. well, technically it’s tomorrow..nitey nites…


4 thoughts on “blah”

  1. >People who are intolerant will use any excuse to discriminate, religion, race, sex, age…Though I don’t know you I know your dad is proud of you as much if not more of then your peers. How easy is it for an Asain dad to show that approval? No where as easy as it is to show it for your friends. Asian dads also want you to keep trying hard and not rest on his approval. Your stuff is cute!

  2. >I wonder if it’s disrespect for human life that makes for madness in the name of religion.Your dad sounds like he must love you very much…only parents who nag are parents who care. At least he takes notice of his own child, unlike so many parents I’ve met! Rather nagging than indifference.

  3. >yes.. there seems to be very little use of ‘respect’ these days, or for that matter, ‘tolerance’.. between the young and old, rich and poor, the beautiful and less glamorous, the different races and religion etc.. it’s sad

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