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my hungry pet

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Hungry Pet - 1280x854
hungry pet

#just added info#
for my buds who just lurk around my blog and don’t blog themselves and love annoying me by commenting on my posts via sms.. duh! heh..

my printed work may be found exhibiting at HYPE gallery @ the Arts House (until 3 aug) or at our very spanking new National Library, The Promenade, 5th level (until 21 aug)

from now till 31 december 2005, for every print work sold, 30% of net proceeds will be donated to The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, initiated by The Arts House, which aims to enable underprivileged children and youth to pursue their aspirations to develop their artistic talents in music, dance, theatre, visual arts and theatre production.


2 thoughts on “my hungry pet”

  1. >Good job on the illustration bb!I know we’ve both been very overworked but we’re almost there! hope you’re looking forward to our little fun getaway next month coz i am!

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