my august sampler goodies!

finally, mine has arrived!
*almost faints*
*catches breath*
*rips open envelope and pours out my precious loot*
*examines my precious loot closely*
*still in awe!*
August Sampler Goodies!
i got the octopussy baby!! yey! big hugs for all who’ve contributed! *not for myself of course! heh* but most of all, big thanks + hugs to marie, who needs it most now, even though i’ve heard that she may not like hugs very much..


3 thoughts on “my august sampler goodies!”

  1. >did u try to subscribe? i wish i had september’s subscription too, it being sampler’s birthday and all.. i couldn’t make it in time to contribute for that month.. i know.. greedy greedy greedy

  2. >I think the best way to secure a subscription in The Sampler would be to turn into a Contributor: i just don´t have ANY spare time now, but i WILL contribute…sometime 😉

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