my work is my life

sleepless rantings

i’m tired but can’t sleep, i’m happy but pissed too, i’m excited but … contradictory feelings, aching bloodshot eyes, so much to do, can’t wait to get them done, but can only get that much done each day… #$%@&! do you know how that feels?? it feels like this… uuaarrgghh!

grateful thanks to my 2 free slaves who have been helping me out with some of my bulk orders… my sewing machine is alittle overworked, so have been religiously cleaning and oiling my baby…

we’re also preparing for our 1st year birthday in my little odd forest©! woah! it’s almost a year!!! expect new changes here and there! and loads of other stuff, can’t disclose yet… fully packed schedule.. even squeezing in a short holiday in september..

some new tank tops have arrived!! and in s,m,l and XL!!! so to awesome ann marie for photoshoot again! i miss chicago… i need to be more disciplined in saving money for my trip back, and try not to always end up using a third of what’s been saved for smaller things like… short holidays!!! #$%&@^

i promise to update crafthings as soon as i can… stock replenishment is getting done, but zero for photography and editing on my part.. :/

i need a massage.. but my massager’s blissfully asleep.. oh well

still need to return steph her tiffin carrier filled with yummy food… still owe mao a treat… waiting for 2 big deliveries and meeting tracey tomorrow…

oh ya.. and to all dog lovers out there… it’s so great that you love animals and treat them right.. but please don’t spoil your pets, pets like people need discipline too, that’s why they’re called “domesticated” pets and not wild animals on the loose… do not in your blind love for your pet, disregard your surroundings and people around you, and behave in an inconsiderate, selfish or irrational way… everyone has different preferences, cultural practices and religion… don’t expect everyone to love your dog… we love all dogs and cats, but please keep your dog’s poopoo and peepee in your plastic bag or somewhere else, not on lana’s bag and skirt.. and please, if that happens, do bring out your manners and apologies and at least show that you try to amend the situation… not behave as if we’ve struck gold and should kowtow to you… i’m sure you’ll scream and whack my child if he/she poopoo and peepee on you… “public area” does not mean “dogs are kings here” area…

end of rant… night..


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