my work is my life

wat’s been going on…


  1. website renovations
  2. finishing up a slightly delayed wholesale order of a ton of bags and brooches
  3. designing a new batch of printed totes for printing
  4. sewing 2 custom orders of treelings
  5. trying to replenish my treelings
  6. furiously sewing brooches til my hands are sore
  7. working over $$$ details, the big evil
  8. stressing over asia fashion week trade exhibition
  9. promotional poster design
  10. promotional banner design
  11. brochure design
  12. booth design
  13. pissing off my dad
  14. tidying up work stuff before i leave for abroad next week, so that my 2 day volunteer assistant knows how to pack and mail out orders on mon + tues – i’ll be gone for a week on mon but no one is available for the whole week to help me with orders.. oh well
  15. getting rid of some “friends”
  16. getting some fab new ones
  17. eagerly awaiting some of my product photos by chicago model ann marie (our second collaboration!) and photographer ken erickson
  18. cursing and waiting for my ladybird buttons to arrive, 2 weeks late… crap

i don’t mean to lie, to my singapore customers and fans, who’ve been informed that 1 oct was the last day littleoddforest would be at inqbox boutique. something came up at the last minute, which i’m not at liberty to disclose, so we’re still there this month, not sure about next month, will keep you all updated… well, i’m kinda hoping not, so that i can use those hangers i’ve there for the exhibition, instead of buying more of which i’d not use til i get to open a little real boutique of my own? those hangers are pretty expensive, i may have been fleeced…

i need to get rid of stuff… LOADS of stuff… books, clothes, shoes, stuff… i can feel my room enclosing in on me and collapsing… i may just have a “rid-my-room-of-stuff” sale… hmm…


6 thoughts on “wat’s been going on…”

  1. >thanks for your well-wishes li li!we’re slowly doing better, tscd, thanks! we’re sustaining and not starving, but definitely not even halfway “there” yet.. you’ll know we’re there when i get to open my own little shop 🙂 *dreamz*

  2. >Still, the new shop site looks really classy and the new stuff looks great – I decided to buy a few things to send to a friend as a surprise!

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