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breast cancer awareness month

jen at is donating 10% of all sales in october to the susan g. komen foundation, in honor of breast cancer awareness month. show your support if you can!!

okay people, i’ll be off to visit my mum, have a little island retreat, and doing some crafthings supplies shopping next week. the little shoppe will still be open, of course, and orders will still be taken, just that, there will be no shipping from wednesday onwards, because my part-time help is only available on mon + tues. all orders from wed onwards will be shipped on the following monday, so it’s just a 3 working days delay ya 😉

oh, about the fashion trade show, it’s my first time doing this sort of thingie.. and i’m feeling like such a greenhorn.. i was approached by the organisers to participate, it’s a b2b fashion trade show that’s not open to public and only for international buyers and merchandisers etc. it’s stated that fashion tv will be covering the whole event, and blah blah blah exciting facts and there’s a who’s-who list of international fashion vip guests..

and so we dumped in a huge sum of money from our very tiny financial pool, it was bloody expensive! and doing up the booth is more $$$ too! yeah, for us small fries at least ;p it was as much as opening a little brick-and-mortar boutique in a relatively affordable place in singapore.. but just to gain the exposure and experience, i hope this excuse justifies the costs though.. anyways, i’m not very sure this exhibition was suitable for littleoddforest, because we are not all about fashion. we’re more like a life style or name, and much more than just fashion? the thing that sucks was i don’t think we’re allowed to display any non-fashion related items, like our huggables and home decor etc. we’ll see how i can sneak those in ;p

i just don’t want to think about it for now, because there seems to be so many papers and forms for me to fill up, so many nitty-gritty details to finalise about our booth space and blah blah blah. i get really annoyed trying to set aside some time from my already super over-packed schedule to do such things. i can give you instructions as to how to do it, but i hate doing it myself.. HA! so my so-called “business-partner” b is chipping in with some things (half my headache is slightly lightened.. thanks! *hugs*)

chicadecanela! how was your experience?? i read that yours was open to public right? did you have a great time??? i loveeeddd how your booth looked like! it’s sooo you!!

i’m an overgrown kid, i just want to smile, be nice, make friends and know more people.. but it’s giving me this impression that the whole event is going to be bloody uptight, “professional”, snobby, boringly-adult-like and freakingly formal… littleoddforest is NOT like that at all.. sigh

oooh lynda.. you need a wake-up slap again


2 thoughts on “breast cancer awareness month”

  1. >hey lynda,you’ll do just fine!:) good luck on the new revamp and stuff, and Happy anniversary on the store! I’d sneak in your other stuff in your brochure to be handed out *sweat* heehee! :PxoxoAmy

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