my work is my life

bye for abit

i’ve been having a bad case of cough and flu, so have stopped sewing in case of freak accidents.. things have been thoroughly crazy these 2 weeks, but in a good way.

as usual, piling pre-orders (i wish i was an octopus, though i’ve just started hiring an extra sewing help occasionally) and things are also flowing quickly, aided in part by our birthday month and free shipping of course! i feel like it’s x’mas already, with all the discounts i’m giving away… HO HO HO!

so it’s all good, except, i’m not updating the store as much as i’d like to. i’ve been so pre-occupied, together with b, with the afw and many other stuff all coming at the same time. ever wonder why that always seem to happen without fail

there are actually new stuff ready to be uploaded to the boutique, but they’re to be displayed at the afw 2005 trade exhibition first, sooooooo there will be craaazzyyy updates after the 10th! hmm… let’s make it the 12th, give me 2 days off at least… expect lots of brooches!!! bagsss!!! yippppeee!

anywaysss, the afw is open to public on its third and last day, 10th nov. i think there’s an entrance fee of SG$10. so anyone who’s feeling like the expo is not god-damn freakingly far away and feel like parting with 10 whole bucks (ha!) scoot on down! and say hi! lots of established brands etc. and the greenhorn littleoddforest.. bah…

in any case, pictures will be taken and shared on flickr ^.^

other news…

a lesson learnt – i know that photography is really important for web stores, but this is really too much of a difference! some items which have been selling slowly (due to bad photography i gather :p), i re-took a whole bunch of their photos a while back, and hey presto! hotcakes! selling out! phew!

some very kind mentions, one from the netherlands and another from a sweet customer!

i never knew i’d get to say this.. but some friends i got to know online know me better than my “real” friends, how freaky is that?? not you, mao and b, of course, you guys are still theeee best! a big shout out of thanks to karyna, shayne, amy and lucia! you’ve been my pillars of support and help. and there are really some very very sweet customers out there who drop me nice emails every now and then too. i’m very easily touched by little things like that and love exclaiming in joy and annoying the shiat out of b by my repeated exclamations.

i’ve also been offering to accept promos from fella indie designers and crafters over at lj and the switchboards forum, anyone from here can also just drop me an email if you’re interested! so expect little promos from other websites in your orders soon. won’t you rather support all things made with love, than by some disgruntled robotised factory sewer in part of a big production line..

til the 12th.. byes!


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