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afw 2005

so… our booth at the afw!
afw booth
you may see the transformation here…

the fair went pretty well for us greenhorns, regardless of the negative publicity of the fair towards the end of the exhibition (that was a real pity). we got to learn and absorb so much, the ton of constructive and positive feedback and responses… it was really incredible! i’m so glad that we didn’t let the cost turn us off when we were first approached to participate in it, and probably because we were the younger participants, many people there were very open to talking to us, telling us more, and advising us about certain things – especially our friendly contractor tai-chi dude, the super nice label guy from taiwan, and many many other ladies we met ^_^

we were also pleasantly surprised with surprise visits from some of our very dear customers, and from lana and gang, david, corina, shan, and lisa (even tho you came when my booth was already totally dismantled) mao! i really appreciate your overseas call… you will be reimbursed! i promise! hee..

it was really weird when i saw the dude that interviewed me like a million times who made lots of strange claims and requests over and over again, when i first came back to singapore from chicago, and that was my first design job interview. he was in the very same pair of pants and shoes he was wearing in all the many days of my interview, and also at the fair, twice, (the color i shan’t mention because then some people in the industry will already know who i’m talking about! :p), since i saw him on 2 different days of the fair… wowee… i’m keeping my thoughts to myself

you were right, lucia, my little things did sell like hotcakes.. i’ll email you detailss of the fair, both you + amy! ^_^


6 thoughts on “afw 2005”

  1. >oooh oooh! it looks sooo good! 🙂 You did a GREAT job! the layout, everything, it looks like your own little store! Yowza, I can picture it now….*dreams*One up for the little people! I really feel so happy and proud of your work..YAAAAY! — i can’t stop using exclamation marks! YAAAY! 😀

  2. >thanks amy! how was your trip??? tell me!appreciate your dropping by, La Fée Coriandre! ^_^lucia! read your comments at flickr – i’m glad you think it’s a nice coincidence and not be offended that we have similar tastes in some things ^_^

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