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first of all… thanks for all your thoughtful responses. i was a wimp and all i did say was… nothing! i just stopped smiling, did my eyebrow raised look thingie, let off a huge load of hot air, and thank god i got a phone call on my cell just at that very moment… then i just said “sorry i’m busy at the moment, talk to you again when we meet next time” it sounds abit formal and pretentious in english now that i’ve to translate it, but yeah, it’s how you say in mandarin… anyways, he is in the local fashion retail industry, has a number of shops in malls all over singapore, he would be what you call, someone who has “made it’ i suppose! bleurgghh…

i’ve no deep rooted hatred for every single mass produced item, hell, i buy ikea stuff and topshop’s plain tanktops like no one’s business.. but to make such statements about me not being able to do anything about it if he decides to rip off my designs some day… is just.. ????????? yes…

also, i just have to say that far east plaza is getting to be so annoyingly sad nowadays, i can’t seem to avoid small brand design rip-offs whenever i’ve to drag myself there for some work related shiat… there’re even a couple of switchboarders’ design which have been copied outright, from label to print design on the tee.. i’m so glad i’ve decided to stop retailing there, for now at least

on to other bad news… i have officially lost 3 packages i’ve been expecting – 2 from the united states and 1 from the philippines. a present sent to me from the philippines from my dearest aunt millie, which had arrived in singapore post office safely over the weekend, was actually missing the monday morning they had to deliver to me. i even had to file a police report in order to claim back some monies as compensation. it was so obviously an inside theft job, someone working in singpost looking for an early x’mas present i suppose. fucker!

i had also ordered a plush friend from more than 1 freaking month ago and yup, nada!!! aarrgghh!!! heidi was kind and sweet to offer a refund or replacement, i haven’t decided yet – it’s so hard because she ain’t making anymore of the plush friends! SOB! and j was so sweet to send me a whole package of vintage fabric and buttons he has so nicely rummaged for me from chicago thrift stores and it’s been 6 fucking weeks!!!!!!! it’s not the compensation i want, it’s those STUFF i want!!!!! @#$%&!!!!!

now i’ve made myself to worked up to continue with my brooches bulk order. grreat.


6 thoughts on “arrgghh!”

  1. >mypapercrane? hmm.. hush hush huh.. hee..cheer up babe! You’re featured seller at etsy right now! concentrate on your orders if not you won’t be able to finish them on time *Hugs*

  2. >Sorry about your mail problems! You know, even big companies get ripped off. Fashion designers get copied all of the time, by large chain stores that can sell the clothes to people more affordably. Its just the nature of the beast, I suppose.

  3. >yeah… the world… gawd..i hope i get your promos soon too denise! i’ve had 9 people promising to send me promos, but i’ve only gotten 3 so far *fingers crossed*i’m seriously going to bitch about this when i go mail my orders at the post office later this afternoon..ha! will see if i wimp out in the end.. tsk useless me

  4. >Hey! I´ve just read this last two posts! So lame…i had to deal with something similar: when i was at my booth some people would come and ask me why i didn´t get a “bunch of chinese” to sew things for me”you know, they learn fast and ask for little money”. Made me want to THROW UP. But it also makes you sad that people assume that, in order to get big, in the end you will have to produce your stuff exploiting other people. And, no, a mass produced article will never look the same as what you make: i used to work for a family run, luxury goods bussiness: once they had part of their collection manufactured in one of those “sweat shops” in China and, well, what they got back did not say luxury, but more, hey, look what i found at Top Shop/Zara/Whatever, and they used the same patterns(obviously not the same materials, because they´d be two expensive for a mass production). By God´s shake! They are copying Marc jacobs all the time, but it never looks like him: it looks like a rip-off and if they were to copy us it will look like rip-offs and that´s the end of it!Let then go backwards, while you go on to the next step!

  5. >Oh, I hear that all the time! While it may ne the reality that people want to rip off designs (that’s why making your own t-shirt design here in asia is impossible) so that they may sell plenty and gain a profit, look at it this way babe, that means you made it! No one will copy crap design for sale – and I hate people who copy others, but they know a good thing when they see it. The only thing we small biz have that they don’t is ingenuity. The reason why our stuff is great is because ours is made in small quantities, and are always fresh! By the time they make your brooch by the millions, you can tell others that its passe, and you’ve made other new stuff..:ORough rationalizing, but that guy was a pure creep. Short of calling him a bitch, I’d say just aim for the balls.hehe!

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