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nice year end

i’m back! recharged with a great weekend party, b’s birthday, but now back to work again

– order delivery cock-ups
somehow, the invincible me has managed to fumble on the delivery times for my singapore wholesale orders… long story… but yeah… i hope no grudges or bad marks are born…

– broken down sewing machine
thanks for your kind thoughts! and your offers to help! i’m actually using my old one now, what a joke, i bought a spanking new cool sewing machine to replace my unreliable old one, and now it’s this unreliable old one who is helping to save my day…

– production cock-ups
so much hiccups in keeping up with demands and orders! i dreamt that i became a very useful octopus last night… it was kinda freaky but cool… we’ve been brain storming and discussing about this problem the past week, this can’t go on, and there has to be some kind of solution – not mass-produced factory made solution of course! so no worries…

and therefore..

– ill prepared
i had also really underestimated the power of magazine print features.. did i mention? we’re in lucky magazine january edition! woohoo! though i haven’t seen it yet??? gawd… and also in today’s straits times newspaper digital life section! *doing a little ass shakin’* ^_^ more of that later…

– neglected friends complaining
i have been a really lousy and bad friend, and have been unable to be punctual and able to go out for girlfriend dates… i haven’t emailed mao for 2 weeks… so sorry babe! have you gotten your package yet?? and i haven’t returned steph her tiffin carrier for so long too!!! 5 freaking months! haha, wat a joke, and she stays like 15 mins away from me…

– i cried yesterday
it was actually a pretty funny kinda joke. i just suddenly teared up while talking, just a sudden rush of overwhelming conflicting emotions.. my 3 best pals are all no longer located in singapore… b is a very one-tracked kinda web-coding guy who can’t sew, can’t cut, can’t clean person, and who’s just great at coding, giving massages and putting out the trash.. all the manly kinda stuff.. gawd.. haha, and he’s left-handed too and all my scissors don’t fit him??! wtf man.. i’m sorry for self-pitiance and i already asked him for forgiveness. and of course, all’s good.. haha *smuacks*

– congratulations b!
he has climbed up in his career ladder with a climb in very helpful $$ too :p we went shopping for a ton of cool tasteful ties :p because he has to wear one to work everyday and he’s feeling like such a grown-up man.. haha

i miss my mum and can’t wait to see her during chinese new year… which is soon after x’mas! yippee!

also, i’ve totally run out of everyone else’s promos! every single one! so, send more along my way if you’d like to! ^_^

i promise to update january 2006 with more treelings, wallets, and wooden handle owl totes.. just watch out for them! as you may have already noticed, selected items from us are now available in more stores locally! so singaporeans who dislike buying online, just pop by those locations in town anytime, though i’ve to tell you first that every store stocks different items from us

overwhelming hard work but overall happy, hope everyone’s december is going grreatt!


4 thoughts on “nice year end”

  1. >you saw it, alison! and i haven’t.. i’m so excited too! i’ve got to get myself to borders asap…lucia, thanks! i wish i was as happy and well as i should be! but everything is way too overwhelming for me to handle right nowand yay! a package from amy in time for christmas! ^_^ i’m sure i’ll love it!xoxo!!

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