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plush rush shoppe

buy gifts for your loved ones from plush rush artists at the plush rush shoppe!

they will be available for sale until 21 jan 2006 only!

also for sale are the very cool make your own plush kits!

and if you’re near by, be sure to visit the show at the acme art company, at 1230 courtland ave, columbus, ohio, before it ends this friday 17 dec! (mon-sat 6-9pm)

i think my 3 treelings are all sold, because i can’t find them listed for sale there…


1 thought on “plush rush shoppe”

  1. >Take that for certain! Your Treelings were snatched up the day of the opening show, you can bet! It´s so sweet of you to post the link all the same, so that the rest of us might have a chance too! You lucky girl! The world´s crazy about your treelings, and the birdie with a crown and everything in fact. Never mind rude e-mails!Kiss,kissLucia

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