my work is my life

happy holidays!


and i got packagesss! yippeee! will share pics soon!

thanks so much for all your concern and well wishes! i’m much better now than a few days ago, after 2 days of 8 hour sleep, some tonic soup, and not being near the computer or sewing machine for much

haha, the joke is, I do have extra help – sewing help – 2 in fact, but i shan’t comment too much about the situation, except to say… such help in singapore, good ones, are very very very hard to find. no one skilled would want to work like that, unless they were in some kind of financial difficulty or some older retired homemaker or blah… of course, unless you pay a million dollars per hour or something… no one is willing to sew, or even then, sew for 8 hours straight a day, or at least complete 3 bags a day, or do part-time administrative work (unless again, you’re paying a million dollars per hour) blah blah blah…. if not, they would have their own sewing method and would not be willing to learn anything new, saying that it’s too difficult etc. (unless you pay… you get the picture…)

so! i’ll be making a few calls here and there after the new year, and hopefully am able to get NEW and BETTER extra helpers… we’ll see… (fingers crossed) b’s mum has actually volunteered to help, but seriously, how can i make her help me sew when she’s not in the best of health and she’s also helping his sister to do some work (she’s also doing something similar, but not quite, long story) and of course, i’m not her daughter but she is, so… no, i can’t… unless again, i pay her a million dollars… hahahaha… ok i’ll stop

so! i was thinking, some fairies and elves would be good… friends… nay… none of my friends can sew! i think i may have mentioned this before… but yeah, they can help me do post office stuff, but no sewing… plus, all of them have full-time 9-hour-work-days busy jobs with the more than occasional overtime etc. and would rather party and have some drinks or etc. after a hard days’ of work than anything else… NOT even if i pay them a million dollars… seriously.. not everyone’s like b or mao, who’s not here in singapore anymore… sobs

anyways…. hope you’re all having the most wonderful holiday time! time-off work! quality rest! parties! drinks! presents! woohoo! and cheers to a fantastic new year ahead! for the world, and us! ^o^


2 thoughts on “happy holidays!”

  1. >yes i agree with handmade girl, if i were there i would help you for the fun of it and because i want to practice and learn how to sew better :), i wish you luck finding good help.

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