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to jakarta. it got so lost. haha! so here’s my loooonngg-awaited package from amy in malaysia! hee.. just kiddin’ amy
swap with dear amy!
i absolutely adored everything, one of the biggest reasons being, they’re all green in color! my favorite color! green! woopppee! which apparently is her fav too! ^_~ great taste in color you have.. heee.. thanksss amy! super adorable chut chut is amy’s original creation (for her new label ubermojo which is still in the works, you’ve to watch out for it!) which she crocheted, and her little pouch has a very nifty thread design! and she was so kind and sweet to have bought me a handmade necklace earring set from her holiday trip to bali… come to think of it, maybe “it” was trying to make its way back to indonesia huh.. lol
hope my chut chut loves her? his? (haven’t decided yet) new home… ^o^ kisses


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