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happy new year 2006!!!!!

nye 2006
most wonderful time! barry ashworth rocked! some highlights of my weekend…
seafood steamboat dinner at home with friendsss, pool lazing and fooling around, family barbeque gathering at uncle’s place, super crazy partttyyy!, oversleeping, late for a wholesale order delivery (fuck), wallace and gromit! funnnn!!!! weeeee! why can’t real life boring bunnies be so fun??? weeeee..!! dinner at pete’s place at hyatt, treetop walk (i almost wanted to die, but in a fun way, and we’re doing it again this weekend… what?? hahaha) lazin’ lazin’ lazin’ around… weee….!!!

went on a bathroom accessories shopping spree and i upgraded my bathroom to a worldclass smelling bathroom, with fragrant salts, perfumes, candles, oils, cleaners, soaps *sniff sniff* *happy*

this new year! will be a fantastic new year! for all! me and you! here’s cheers to health! happiness! prosperity! and ahem.. world peace! (yeah right…)

new year resolutionss..

– make littleoddforest be a success (a subjective term, but yeah… good? better? you get it…)
– be healthy
– be organized
– have better time management
– have some new investments
– save more $$$
– bring my mum on a totally sponsored holiday abroad (japan? taiwan? she’ll decide)
– buy my mum an osim massage chair
– learn patience
– b and i
– try to understand my dad
– learn to relax and do nothing sometimes
– be with good old friends more often
– make more new friends
– buy a new car with b
– trip to u.s.a


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