my work is my life


thoroughly pissed off!

by ultra irresponsible people, lackadasical attitudes, bloody thick-skinned liars, inconsiderate and self-centered worms !!! no.. some worms are cute… these people aren’t at all!! and the saddest thing is, the world around us is full of such people nowadays, and their numbers are ever increasing! gawd

no i’m not breaking my first resolution of the new year, nothing to do with my patience… it was really a shitty situation, and i was outwardly calm throughout. b couldn’t stop cursing out loud for a straight 15 minutes, it had me boiling too, though i cursed in my head and under my breath

i hope he’ll feel better later after the breath of fresh air outdoors at macritchie reservoir, where we are going for our 11km tree-top walk. woooo!

i’m so sick and tired of replying customer service emails shiat stuff, why even bother with 3 hours of replying shitty emails, when i could have sewn something! so i have relegated the job to an angel, who gets to have freebies and food every now and then… though she has templates to follow, so as to still provide the very personal, friendly and warm feel :p

i understand how tired marie of the sampler feels, some customer people out there are truly very demanding and rude and curt and crazy, especially when things don’t go their way…. pppffttt…


3 thoughts on “urgh!”

  1. >hello,I chanced upon the forum at etsy where there was this big debate about a copycat of your tree plush. I think it is bullshit that she claimed she did not know of either you or mypapercrane, because as anyone can see, NONE of her plush designs are ORIGINAL, and are either from you or from mypapercrane. How coincidental don’t you think?Just sharing my personal view, because I love your work! Keep it up!xoxoElise

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