snippets of my life, who gives a hoot

and it rained yet again…

i love the rain, the sounds, the smell, the sight, the puddles…

i love cold, gloomy weather because snuggling up with hot chocolate and a good movie, is great fun

but there’s really only so much rain i can take…

and it is raining yet again… 3 whole days in a row, non-stop, okay, so it stopped for a few 5 minutes intervals, before it started to pour heavier than before…

we didn’t get to go to the treetop walk
we didn’t get to laze by the pool
i couldn’t take decent photos of new items for the shoppe
i couldn’t take any other decent photos of anything for that matter
going to the post office without the car, in the rain, with a loadful of packages and boxes, trying not to get them thoroughly soaked, is a pain in my ass…


and so i work in the dark at 11am this morning…
11am in the morning


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