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i am not wal mart


1) i do not have more than a hundred people working for me

2) i have 6 part-timers who are bringing the meaning of part-time to the extreme

3) i do not have robots and machines that make 1000 pcs of the same item at any time

4) i do not have any wish to do 3) either, because then, even i would not wish to use/carry my own designs (which i always do), because i would hate to have that something so many people out there already has and be at that same place at the same time, because that would suck ass bigggg time and be reeallyyyy stupid

5) i do not have 6 pairs of hands, 9 pairs of eyes, and 3 sets of brains working for me at any time

6) i do not have a million dollars to invest in my business so that i can make that 1 or 2 more items you wish to have so much this very instant

7) i do not like to get fucked just because the item you wish to have is sold out

8) i actually sleep, even if i sleep less than 5 hours everyday, so if your email does not get replied to in that 5 hours of sleep i was in the midst of, that is just tooooo bad

9) life is not perfect, you will not get every single thing you want in life, because life is such, so learn to live with it

10) if you don’t like it, don’t look at it, you fool. if you wish to be mean, no one can stop you, but congratulations on gaining some bad karma

11) i am writing this on my public journal which you may actually be reading but i seriously don’t really care because i need to preserve my sanity in order to reply that few more other nice emails i have other than the previous poopy ones

12) i have many nasty things i wish to say but it is all just swirling around in my big head because i am trying to dissolve them on the inside because that is one of my new year resolution and i am not about to break that just because of you stinky poopy people


6 thoughts on “i am not wal mart”

  1. >You seem to have a really bad run-in with one too many lousy “would-be-customers” babe, reading your past posts and imagining your little wretched frown on your face makes me wana laugh!! I’m wicked I know, chill it! Like you said, they are POOPY people, so just flush them down the farking toilet! Here’s a hug for you dearie

  2. >come on!your work is brilliant,your blog is amusing,you have an great eye for design and you work like a robot!I can heap you on with compliments.sooo what?!?calm down,….relax….there are poopy people all around the world and that does not matter!

  3. >haha!! i was tickled by all the nice things you said ^o^ *HUGSS*i’m just being overly dramatic, in my head, i don’t express outwardly overly dramatic expressions, wonder why… so please pardon my overly dramatic whiny posts recently… :pbut they were for sure fucking me about it… super nasty harsh emails i got… if only i could share it with ya all… it would be such great fun

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