my work is my life

i must survive…

…the 15 days of chinese new year

i’m in no mood to even whine about it… it’s just bleeuurrgghhh… and my appetite has been like that of a pregnant woman…

if you haven’t noticed, i’ve been busy updating both littleoddforest and crafthings

membership discount cards are waaaayyy overdue, i know… i promise they’ll be appearing in your mailboxes soon! when? soon…

been trying to get these things done

• new tank top designs
• new tee designs
• new huggables
• new felt brooches
• new big bags
• new small bags
• new purses
• new cushion covers
• new home decor items
• new catalog
• good sewers (anyone out there?)
• print peripherals

have been

• running every evening
• swimming once a week
• dreaming about me flying around in my little odd forest which transforms into an outdoor boutique (seriously, work hazard…)
• drinking too much (might also explain the above…)

have not been

• sleeping enough
• doing nothing enough
• having fun enough
• as frank as i would like to

i’ve been crazily shopping and buying supplies online the past week. there’s nothing cool to get here in singapore. is this a good enough reason to relocate???


5 thoughts on “i must survive…”

  1. >Wow! you have tons of things to do :), better take care of yourself so you wont get sick again.there’s nothing good in Singapore?? i though you had it easy with the supplies x_X, at least it’s better than México you can’t find anything here.

  2. >Hi,i can’t seem to find your email. too much fun stuff to look at and i get distracted. i think it would be fantastic if you participated in Plush YOu. It’s in Seattle and you can find info about it at plushyou.blogspot.comyippy

  3. >I know that “SOON”… :DBut promise to take care!U know,….Maybe this is a help,I wish you make a shirt with the croned birdy.I love it so much!And I guess I´m not alone…You don´t have to make a totally new collection.I guess to sample your design is good enough.

  4. >denise -yes! one would think so yah? but no, we have fantastic commercial items, just no good supplies to MAKE them.. lolmexico should have plenty of craft supplies, no? oh well, it’s back to online shopping for us all! ^o^bloodybunny -soon! yeahyou know, i might just do wat you’ve suggested! because, yeah, people have been asking.. thanks so much!!funshinie -ooh! do you work hard for minimal wage? *evil grin*

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