anyone owns a domokun toy? or knows of its existence? or have seen it before?

well i’ve owned a domokun key chain thingie, a gift from a japanese friend, for more than a year

and while taking a break from my design work, i went to browse the samplersampler journal, and saw something so familiar…


7 thoughts on “domokun”

  1. >I saw it, and I think that is a total ripoff. Did you email that person about her copying? And since it is on the Sampler, I think Marie should know about it too. Just sharing my two cents worth- Shannon

  2. >i love my domokun chain! but it’s getting abit dirty and rundown… time for a new one maybe?mao -i’m not sure if any one person owns the domokun design? a couple of different toy companies seem to be manufacturing it in different product formsleslie -if you were my neighbour, i’d split the $120 with you and we could share our giant domokun. haha! :pshannon -no i didn’t, because i’m not sure about its copyrights, i couldn’t find who designed the original domokundenise -we could split the $120 and have it 3-ways. LOL! get a little domokun accesorry that’s cheaper ^_~

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