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into her mouth it goes

i feel like stuffing a smelly sock into her mouth whenever we shop or talk about anything fashion/ design/ style/ craft/ art related. is that bad? oh well, whatever.

i shared some interesting crafts on etsy with a couple of my friends, including her-
“oh that’s so simple, i can make that if i wanted to”

we were shopping together at xxx shop and one of the decor items was handcrafted by a local designer-
“she dares to sell that at such an expensive price? aiyoh, but that’s so easy to make! i can do a much nicer one myself if i had the time”

a mutual friend, an art director, was showing off her treasure shopping finds from her recent trip to tokyo-
“so weird and ugly and you paid so much? i think i’ve better style sense than this japanese designer and you, and you call yourself an art director”

all these, coming from her, who accessorises herself with cheaply mass-produced made-in-china plastic flower pins, amongst many other gaudy things which i shan’t mention

she saw my collection of plush by many indie designers we all know of-
“but what do you do with them? and who buys them anyway? children? that’s a really stupid way of spending money. and since they are handmade, aren’t they going to fall apart after awhile?”
she grabs a monster plush, a toast, and a sushi and started to squeeze the life out of them, turns around and grabs one of my just-completed treelings and shakes it really really hard up down left right

(verdict: none of the above mentioned plush were harmed in any way after their crash-dummy test)

i stared in pure shock and astonishment

don’t you feel like stuffing your smelly sock in her mouth too? especially those sweaty salty ones after your 5km run… muahahaha!

other than these bizarre traits, she’s really a fine gal. oh well.

i’ve been overwhelmed with work (when am i not…), not to mention stress and headaches, it’s always so hard to get the things i request for and the results i want. urgh.. and especially b, who has been working late into the night everyday as his new career ladder progresses, so does his workload, and my website overhaul has been put on hold temporarily (sigh). so we’re glad that our long weekend off is finally here!!!

does anyone know where/ how i can do customised little clear acrylic accessories/ decorative stuff?


5 thoughts on “into her mouth it goes”

  1. >wow thats really mean of her. i’m shocked beyond words. tell her to go make her own stuff then. why bother to buy? i hear comments like this too about my jewelry. infuriating!what kind of accessories/decorative stuff are you looking for? i do have acrylic beads if you need them. They are stripey (some of stripes are clear). I have a lot of clear glass beads though. they are light. email me @

  2. >Although that girl´s opinions are really annoying, you make it sound hilarious! We certainly can defeat them all with sense of humour! Of course, you should encourage her to make her own stuff and go and try to sell it. It´s quite obvious she has great style! It´s a shame the world is missing on her designs! :DLittle clear acrylic accessories? Why don´t you try shrinky dinks? or are you talking about something else?

  3. >hello,came across your work on etsy…really adore your creations. I do think its comments like that from people (your friend) that keep us (artists) motivated and focused. I used to be offended and get all defensive but it just drained me…rather I focused my energy towards my art. I would never trade my creativity for anything else….whether I make a felt brooch, paint, or redecorate an old cabinet…it makes me happy and thats all that counts. We’re doing what we love…Keep up the great work and have an inspiring 2006.Laura 🙂

  4. >Some people can be very mean when it comes to the subject on art and crafts..They always see it as something that is not important and significant..I love our work and i think your stuff is great! I think we need to support more indie designers like you! Am so glad i can now get local handcrafted goods 🙂

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