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where are my packages…???

i placed 2 orders with a super popular indie vintage clothing site slightly more than a month ago, and have received all my swap packages sent out from the same country (united states) just a couple of weeks back, except those 2 orders!!!!! rraawwrr!


conflict of emotions, angry and sad

back to work…

-i emailed her on friday asking if she could provide me with any info on my packages, like the date sent out etc. because you know, they never send out on time and never tell us when they send out either
-no replies, it’s now wednesday
-she has updated her journal 3 times since and has time to comment on other people’s journal

heelloooo…??? am i invisible????
don’t make me regret spending money at your site….


3 thoughts on “where are my packages…???”

  1. >Hey babe, just found some info about “that vintage shop”. Apprently, she doesn’t reply to emails unless it’s been like 3 weeks, esp since you’re asking the whereabouts of your order.. the hilarious thing I found out was, someone from USA who ordered from her took 2 months to get her order!!!!?!GOOD LUCK WAITING!

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