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back to business

As you may already know, things have been super crazy busy for quite some time, and one of our produce is ready to make an appearance by next week –
Our new Spring/Summer 2006 TankTops have arrived! More birds and animal goodness!
Just waiting for photoshoot and blah stuff to be done…

Also upcoming are new silkscreen items, including brand new Cushion Covers and Tote Bags!
We have also recently added a new item of fun Embroidered Corduroy Coasters in our Home Decor section

Also, LittleOddForest will be participating in this year’s PlushYou II!

And thanks to Mimo Style for going a little review on our products –



3 thoughts on “back to business”

  1. >Im so exited about your new products, there all so good, youre getting better and better each day, can’t wait to see your stuff on plush II

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