snippets of my life, who gives a hoot


i don’t like interviews very much.
i don’t like on-the-spot question and answer stuff.
i don’t like live interviews where i give answers verbally where i see the other person writing something down, and i don’t know what she wrote.
i don’t like giving official answers to impromptu questions.
i don’t like answering official questions.
i don’t like not having enough time to think of an answer.
i don’t like not being able to take back my answers and get to re-do them.
i suck at ansering questions.
i will either give out the wrong impression, or miss out some vital information.
i’d rather have an email interview.
and then avoid that email for as long as i can, and then take just 10 minutes to give sucky answers and then regret it the minute i click send.
yeah, great.
i’m such a control freako.


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