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rant rant rant…

so.. there’s been too much on my mind and on my hands recently, so pls forgive if i’ve been spacing out while you were talking to me or trying to tell me something.. (you know who you are people… sorry!!)

things are getting a little too tight for comfort… things have to roll, work has to roll, products have to roll, and most importantly, money has to freaking roll… if someone pays me late, then everything’s all fucked up… crash and burn like a 8-car-freak-highway-pile-up-collision… argh! no sweat… will just take it as it comes…

it’s election time in politically mundane singapore. we’ve to give some credit to our very own political loony who is on the loose, yet again.. it’s like our very own day-time soap drama… he’s very good at it… i wonder when anyone is going to have him sent for psychiatric treatment… buangkok green… very near my home… i still remember when i was in high school, me and my pals, who are all, i’m happy to claim, not “ignorant fools” (this with regards to many singapore youth these days who don’t even know who their own prime minister and mps are… gawd), witnessed that loony outside centrepoint, with a mic and speakers, distributing his party’s papers… one of my thoroughly insane friend threw him some sarcasm, verbal abuse, and spit. HAHA no kiddin’.

this politically charged pal is now working and living in a foreign country, trying his best to spread his own agenda of eliminating whatever nonsense the foreign media has been fed about singapore, our country. that we’ll whoop your arse if you’re caught with gum in your mouth (puuuhhllease spare me…), whoop your arse if you were caught jay-walking (i freaking jay walk everyday….), and whoop your arse if smoke indoors (you just get a fine, stupid, like in any other civilised country), that we’re in actual fact, a communist nation. (???) btw people, singapore is NOT in china or thailand. can you imagine i got this from a couple of people in my world politics class in college in chicago, they were going on and on about how singapore’s civil rights suck and how our democracy is a fraud, and then they ended off their fervent and heated debate by being geographically wrong. i burst out laughing so hard and had to be controlled..

in fact, where are our policemen??? i have to deal with a bunch of hooligans loitering near my home everyday, it’s getting abit annoying. when i was living in the united states, every corner i turn, there’s a cop, or police car, or the police car siren every now and then, 24 hours, every freaking day… and you call us a police-state? yeah, watever fools.

on the other hand, singapore youth should know our country’s own history, go read up! go rent some video archives and see how it was lee kuan yew and not really sir s.raffles or for that matter, sang nila utama, who “founded” singapore. gawd. don’t embarrass me, or us, when you go abroad, and actually agree with some baseless criticisms of your very own gawd damn country, made by some foreign fella who hasn’t even step foot here! know your roots, and know that to have such a country as your home, comes with a price. nothing is free, or perfect, in this world. look around the world today! you don’t even have to look that far for that matter…

quit complaining if you aren’t going to do anything else about what you just complained about either. quit complaining, especially if you are that person who don’t know the facts, don’t know the history, don’t know that you have to stand on the left side of the escalator so that whoever is in a hurry can whiz by your big backside, pretend to be asleep when a pregnant/old person is in sight, for that matter, don’t even realise that your country was built from kampong village to vibrant infastructurally developed country in less than 40 years. which other nation can claim that? if you’d rather exchange your safe trip back home alone from zouk at 4am, for having to be alert and preferably in a group if out at night in case you were mugged (which i was, twice in chicago, one of which whereby all 7 of us in a group were, by 2 men with what i believe were toy guns), then i guess you’ll have to leave for greener pastures elsewhere.

vote with a rational mind. not an emotional heart. this is not a soccer game, nor lunch time at some hawker place. we don’t support the underdogs just because they are the underdogs, we don’t support the minority just because it’s cool to go against the flow and be different, we don’t try someone out just to give them a chance to do some business. i don’t wish for my country to go down in flames when i’m old, just because some dopes like you ruined it.


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