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ow ow ow…

firstly, check our fabulist – a blog of all things fabulous?
you people are so awesome, thanks!!

now, do you people ever get an elbow/wrist pain when you’re at the sewing machine or computer for tooooo long? ack… my right elbow and wrist hurts…. *cry baby* i tried using my left hand, but it only works when i’m using a pen to draw or write, not with my mouse… and of course, 99% of gadgets made on this right-ruled earth cannot be used left-sided.. so much for the scissors and sewing-machine…

minimum wage is something i’m interested in hearing from the wp in election. did you know that economically developed singapore has no minimum wage system??? yeah, people like ambulance drivers, garderners and such, get exploited all the time… did you know that an ambulance driver in singapore who works 16 hour days, get only an average s$500 salary per month??? considering the job scope, that is almost slave labor… a foreign construction worker doing overtime earns more than that!

so, here i got, my very own minimum wage worker, to help me out here, it’s officially a war zone in the forest workshop, so chaotic that waffles has to go on a short holiday at b’s place. i hope he doesn’t pick up bad cat habits from notorious mr.greedy there…

don’t you just love minimum wage’s description? hee.. “hired, fired, and never come back”.. lol

anyway, i’m sure you know who the ugly dolls are, one of the most succesful designer plush toys in the market. but this one is special. i bought the other 2 from the united states. this one here is almost half the price i use to pay before. that’s alot of difference. only because it says here that is it “handmade in china”. ugly dolls has succumbed to china. to be cheaper. for the masses. how cool.


1 thought on “ow ow ow…”

  1. >cool. i heart ugly dolls. (i just posted a pic of our collection on our LJ yesterday.) i want the big orange wage. he’s next on my list. i saw him at a store yesterday, but 25.00USD, ouch. thats why the small ones for 10.00 seem appealing! but i like some of the colors of the bigger ones better. -aj (dang argyle)

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