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drifting in and out…

i’m still sick… and have been drifting in and out of work stuff… my bed… trying to perk up and do fun stuff… falling back to bed in agony… yeah…

but i do wanna say thanks to michelle of creative swoon for doing a feature of us!
she got to know me from etsy where she also sells her fabulous wares too!

i haven’t really been on medical leave, how can i ever, this workholic bitch residing inside me… hopefully you’ll be able to see new surprises for fall…

i’ve been trying to get my shit together for the sfw (singapore fashion week) 2006. seems like a whole lot of stuff to be done… for me, one silly old-girl. so why sfw and not afw (asia fashion week)? well, afw has been scrapped and brought under the wings of sfw, as a new grouping known as labels asia. which i gather, would be much better organised in all aspects? most certainly, like any government initiative would be. it seems like i’m suppose to have quite a number of people working for me, representing me, selling for me etc. you know, big boss of big name is not suppose to be selling his own big stuff. sheesh, oh well, i just had to re-write my own name in all the applicable blanks. it was hard work. i could have mis-spelt my own name.

i get overwhelmed very easily, and then tend to forget to get some things done, or miss out certain details, and stuff like that. and i don’t really care! hahaha. especially when it comes to paperwork and “oh-hi! oh-hi!” stuff i’m not interested in at all. anyhow, i am but one person. so, i will do with what i have, 1 head, 1 pair of hands, legs, myopic eyes, eyes, and so forth… i typed a one sentence email to my mum last night -“mee, i wish i was an 3-headed octopus”. she couldn’t be bothered to email back. she must be sick of me and my mutant octopus theory. hahaha.

i had been surfing online for information for information on all those “proper” business and retail related abbreviations and terms business people use in their contract terms… because i didn’t go to business school or fashion school, i’ve to do self-studying on top of everything else i already do… to ensure that small fry me don’t get eaten unknowingly by big fries out there… like tracey said, i’m “miss bao ka-liao” meaning… do-it-all.. it’s this new economy and this new world today, that has made everyone a “need-to-know-how-to-do-everything”. it gets so tiring sometimes, i just lie on my parquet floor in a daze… and then waffles will come trampling on me, claiming his territory….

how do you do it? chicadecalena? ^_^ you impress me one of the most, of all the international crafty designers i know of, and i take comfort that you are doing so well, and that helps me to be less tensed (believe it or not), because sometimes, i think all i need is just re-assurance, that not following the crowd around me (in singapore) can be something positive. my mum said to me over the phone last week “you’re doing really okay for what you’re doing dada, just not GREAT according to our high singapore standards.” bah….. :p

naive. well, i love naive the kitty, thanks mandy for your little gift. you nice person. me like.


3 thoughts on “drifting in and out…”

  1. >its nothing. jus 3 hrs of sweating @ chatuchak to get the naive and my agonising face of getting a kitty related item.anyway a small bribery for my freaking amazing race style chicago to go list. haha.

  2. >Hey! You mean,me? Gosh! I don´t know! I think i don´t follow the crowd either, but that makes me think sometimes that i don´t fit in…It´s hard for me too: it´s a day by day kind of work, no big plans for me.If you feel like it just email me, you don´t bother me at all, honey! Kiss :*

  3. >Hey babe,its been a long time. 🙂 i’m good. Read your blog. Please…call me if you need help in those areas. I’ll be glad to help out. Fashion & biz.. give me a call babe.I’m free anytime.

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