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treats for u + moi

sweet! look what b surprised me with! ^_^

it’s going to be at the esplande. i hope it’s good! it’s suppose to be raunchylicious… hhmmmm… he got the 2nd most expensive seats, but it’s on the 2nd floor, a balcony seat? not sure… hope the view isn’t too far or blocked…


on to littleoddforest news

things have been kinda sucky, because of a big delayed payment… and i had to put a new project on hold, because this money was suppose to be funding it… bleurghhh :((

come on, big businesses. don’t be big ass-holes as well. you have the monies. please pay. don’t be jerk asses. thanks :(( don’t make me sob and wail and cry my lungs out!!!

but of course not, me?? wail my lungs out?? you’ll have to wait a million years to catch me doing that! ha! on the contrary, i’ve been really busy coming up with new designs, and we have some new productswaiting to be listed! wooppee!

Love Owl Pin BroochA Little Bird Pin BroochLittle Owl In Little Tree

august will be great month, yes? i had registered forestprints design as a business as the business registrar’s, on 9 august 2004. what an auspicious date. that’s the typical chinese part of me… hahahaha! so this coming august will be the official 2nd birthday of this little quirky business of mine! and in case you didn’t know, 9 august is also singapore’s birthday!!! wow! the coincidence! right….. :p haha.. and august is also, ahem… the owner’s birthday too, though sadly, not her 2nd… waahahaha.. *the crying kinda laughter*

i have been bombarded with customer emails asking if we are ever having any sales or specials or etc. well, no whole-store-sale thingie, not in my business plans, since we already have a clearance sale section, and we also have our viff membership discount cards for our regular customers. just shop more than once and you’ll get discounts yah? but we do have an upcoming summer august special !–>

+ free shipping (for both local and international shoppers) from 1st – 9th august, for minimum purchases of USD 60.00, only 1 shipping address per order is allowed

also, expect another special coming up in our web shoppe’s 2nd birthday in november!


i’ll be making a short trip to hong kong (!!) around the august 16, for a few days. no worries as the shop will still be opened, orders will still be processed, and etc. but do forgive if there are some slight delays here and there.. it’s more a work trip than a holiday though… i hope to come back with surprises!

mao, i’m sorry dear… but i may not be able to make it to new york this sept… so sorry!!!! i’ll still try my very best, but it’s getting a little hard to get away for a long period of time at one shot… 2 weeks… is long… preparation for my show starts in october… ;((((

this entry is one big roller coaster ride of emotions…. dang! and this is how i go through every day… off for my late lunch now.. cheerios~


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