snippets of my life

thanks for dinner

my aussie friends, chrissy and jona, popped by singapore for 1 1/2 days last weekend, and we had a wonderful time catching up over a gorgeous and yummy dinner at halia in our lush botanical gardens, the ginger section of course, “halia” being “ginger” in malay. we simply adore the ambience and food, the baby mussels are um! um! yummm! and the duck, pasta, wine, candlelights, greenery, cricket sounds (well, if you have any temperate climate “ang-moh” friends, you’ll know they’d die for alfresco… regardless of humidity and mosquitoes… hahaha)

the breakfast is gorgeous too, i had it with b a couple of months back… unforgettable! i know how some people hate fusion food, but i like it. you have to move on after awhile you know, or it’ll get kinda boring. thanks to the classy american “asian” restaurants in my chicago college days, which have trained my taste buds for fusion. ha!

definitely try it sometime if you can. it’s semi fine dining price though, so prepare your pockets ^_~


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