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feeling maternal??

definitely not me!!! :pp hahaha i like to LOOK at babies, fullstop. don’t ask me to carry them, stay near them for more than a couple of hours (unless they are quietly sleeping) or feed them, or needless to say, change nappies!!??! horror of horrors. so anyways, if you don’t like babies, don’t bother with this post.. LOL!

so here’s a super duper cutie pie to share with you!! baby kay is 1 month old! already! gosh.. i still remembered when b and i went to gleneagles hospital to visit mummy steph and daddy john to visit bebe kay and of course poor mummy steph (wat’s with all the bebe talk??) who endured torturous labour pains and surgery and what nots… gawd… anyways, i got bebe kay (i shall call her bebe kay till she is no longer a bebe..haha! work must have driven me across the border..) a pair of little cutie booties, so fitting for a little cutie babe she is!

booties were from etsy, not sure if i’ve mentioned it previously but here’s the place to get some handspun yarn baby booties –

she has so much hair!!!! from her daddy john of course, let’s just hope she don’t be so big size like daddy john…hee, because her mummy steph will be quite upset, she has already mentioned it more than a few times LOL.

anyways, mummy steph is busy tending to bebe kay’s super minimal needs (sleep, drink milk, stare, sleep, drink milk, and cleaning in between the mentioned activities), so naturally, she was free enough to take photo of bebe kay bathing!! and like mummy steph, bebe kay is no water-bebe, so will have to wait for daddy john to train her! hahaha i can loudly proclaim that bebe kay IS the cutest bebe (chinese bebe at least) i’ve seen in long two-seven years of life, or maybe i haven’t seen enough babies, watever. she is the cutest, looking healthy and strong and chubby and rosy with a headful of hair *kiss kiss* may you grow up wise and good, gorgeous and witty. what’s a person without humor??? a dull one.

back to work on a rainy rainy night… sigh


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