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cheers to a new year!

happyyyy 2007 lovely peeps!!! so how did you spend your new year? hope you had a nice one with your loved ones, family, and friends (^.^)

we went to km8 in the afternoon on sunday and had a little picnic with lots of finger food, which includes a yummy cranberry walnut bread, courtesy of awesome mandy! whom i met up with for lunch and some accessories shopping on sat

hee… even though i’m no big fan of cranberry (it reminds me of the wretched cough syrup!!) it tastes really good! and all 5 of us finished it in less than 2 hours..thanks babe!
on the night of the eve, we wined and dined by the river at indochine at clarke quay, one of my favorite places to eat, great ambience, great food, had some shisha at marakesh, boogied at attica, and slept in late. on new years day, i decided to start off on the right foot. i increased my cpf contribution (being self-employed and all..), brought my dad out for movie (curse of the golden flower) and a sumptious big dinner at our favorite holland village x.o. fish beehoon restaurant at chinatown, and also this —

it’s really saddening to read the papers everyday about how species are becoming extinct, how our environment is degrading, and how many still do not care, either out of sheer indifference or ignorance….

anyhow, may 2007 be a good, peaceful, smooth and fruitful year for the world, the earth, and all its inhabitants!!! my mum is coming back in 2 weeks’ time! yayyyy!!


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