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amy and remakeables

has it been 2 years already??? yep. i guess so. that’s how long i’ve known dear amy! the super nice miracle writer cum talented artist, illustrator, crafter…. you’ll soon see! because her looonnngggg awaited awesome website is finally here! — re:make

totally awesome.

did i say awesome? yes.

i really adore the artisty browny, yellowy, mutardy shades… and a yarn tree!! i loveeee! fantastic original illustration. great job girl! now you’ve to start work on filling up your shop with wonderful remakeables yes? i’m anticipating!! and you all should too!

how’s that for stress, amy? ha! oh! and hooray for getting your new computer! me… i can only choose between the ny/chicago trip this year end, or a powermac g5….. not both?… sigh… so much dough to roll out… priorities priorities priorities… thou shalt not be distracted….


2 thoughts on “amy and remakeables”

  1. >Aaaaawwww shucks babe! Thanks for the news blurb, and now I really have to work extra harder to push my stuff out there, haha!Once I do, you’re the first to know about it, and in due time too, I promise! 😉

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