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sorry to have you worried, i can see that b doesn’t really know how to translate a warm, less-serious toned message with typed out words…

i’ve been having stomach pains on and off for the previous 2 weeks… probably due to the travelling and increased work load, and it’s also just plain old news for lynda lye, who has been suffering from gastritis her entire teenage and adult life thus far, and has stubbornly or just cannot be bothered enough to take her meals on time, regularly, who eats waayyy too much when she likes to, and eats waayy too little when she doesn’t have the time to, drinks too much coffee and alcohol, loves her green chilli too much…….. blah…

the doctor was soooooo close to saying “fuck. you deserved it girl.” hell yeah… i was asking for it. there. he said it was a clear-cut case of stress-induced, long-term abuse gastritis thus stomach ulcer…. and gave me a super menacing glare. now, that’s what i call a true doctor. one who screws his patients for ending up seeing him, even when i was in tears and curled up like a ball. i like you dr. chong.

i’m still in pain right now, although it’s like 1/100th of the termendous pain i experienced last week, when i vomitted countless times, shitted sticky dark stuff…really gory…. i have pretty high pain tolerance, and yet almost died of pain… so much for that… i had a relapse yesterday when i felt better in the morning, proudly proclaimed i was back in business to everyone, ta-da! all gung-ho and went out to the post office, to meet a client, to get some supplies, replied a trillion emails, took some product photos, starting sewing a woody-san…. and even though i had my proper meals and meds…. ugh… pain in the evening… till now…..

no work for me for the rest of the week. ban imposed by my dear family and friends. but does a ban work for me? history shows…. it doesn’t, after a short period of time, at least…. i’m suppose to be banned from even being online… apparently, this dear doctor of mine says that the internet causes me stress. ??????? so. i guess i’m violating the ban right now by posting this entry. you’ll see how i love violating bans… i’ve more to post later…

yeah, lynda lye doesn’t care much does she… she’s so asking for it…

okay, enough of nonsense… time for my yucky meds and millky shitty stuff i have to drink… and maybe some trashy day-time and lamey late-night american tv, which i obviously sorely miss, will help lift my moods. my dear friend nat recorded them for me and labelled it as a stress-reliever. thanks. much. yo.

p.s. thanks for all your super sweet emails, wishes, and concerns…i was pleasantly surprised to receive so many of them, so sorry if i haven’t replied…. but please do know i’ve read them all and i’m really grateful in my heart…. i did receive a deady bunch of flowers on sunday, courtesy of mao who apprently didn’t have the common sense to know that i was too much in pain to put them in a vase of water… so they died. pretty much. in a day. thanks babe, pls know i love you, and have fun in istanbul


4 thoughts on “hi…”

  1. >Dearest Lynda, do take good care of your health, without it, your dreams of growing littleoddforest would not continue! I hope you’r doing much better when you see this. Am looking forward to your new collection =)lots of love

  2. >i´m so sorry to be so late in learning this news: i´m just back from my show in Paris: i can´t believe something like that happened to you, so young! I´ve been worried all day and the hypocondriac in me doesn´t let me calm down: my father, who is also an enterpreneur, also had an stomach ulcer, they got him eating raw greens for months! ?We must take things easy, worrying too much just won´t make things any better, we must learn to carpe diem… i guess this is what being a virgo is all about!. No, really… i´m all for doing only one thing at a time, if the bussiness grows slower then so be it! We are human beings 🙂 Take care, remember that your loved ones are the only thing in the world that really matters. Of course you know that.

  3. >Wow, you were bleeding a little from the ulcer too? Good thing you didn’t wait until you ruptured your stomach! Make sure you eat well from now on.By the way, if you don’t like the milky stuff, one of my patients told me that she mixes it with bananas to make it into a tasty smoothie. That has the added benefit of having the stomach protective properties of banana!

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