snippets of my life

i’m better?

hell yeah. for reals. me thinks. hee!

i just have to take the milky stuff once a day now…. i’ve consumed a total of 6 big bottles!!! crazy !???! and i’ve consumed about 10 cartons of soy bean milk thus far…. my insides are all milky right now… eeewwwww… haha, and thanks for the suggestion to make it into banana smoothie, tscd! sorry to disappoint you… i tried it but i thought it was terrible… maybe your patient added sugar? i don’t know, i didn’t… and then i think it’s because i had to drink it slower, instead of just one big gigantuos gulp of getting done with it.. ha…

weellll… busy b and busy me had a non-busy “mental wellness retreat” extended weekend (as he calls it haha) at siloso beach resort and cafe del mar…. wonderful wonderful gorgeousness wonderful….
we obviously love the pool, the jacuzzi, slide and waterfall. part of the resort was still under construction, but it was a nice quaint place, the architecture blending with the trees they’re trying to conserve, the wooden steps etc… nice.. and we obviously love love love the fact that cafe del mar was just a 3 seconds run away from the doorsteps of the resort. yep, we timed it. ha

the music starts early in the day and ends late into the night, morning at cafe del mar… afternoon at the resort, night at cafe del mar… ahhhh…. we drove there but decided to try the spanking new monorail, and it was good, like the train ride to hongkong disney. it took us just 10 mins to reach vivo city to grab lots of snacks and soy bean milk for me (since i’ve to constantly nibble throughout the day…. what a chore… ). we have to do this next week you’re back in singapore, mao!!! you’ll love it. me thinks.

everyone overseas (which is mostly everyone i like… sigh..) is coming back for chinese new year this weekend!! so no sigh, for now. hee!!!! the only reason i like chinese new year. ha.

and before i forget, here’s to share with you our welcome pack from wwf as a donor… please remember to do your part to save this ailing earth! recycle! re-use! conserve! donate! be a responsible citizen of this world….


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