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i’ve been crazy busy!!

running around like a loony, trying to work twice as fast… back to old habits eh

no no… it’s because so many of my friends (not from the same clique) from abroad have returned for holiday and i’ve been so busy going out with them, catching up, entertaining and stuff… on top of fulfilling this crazy large order of huggables and brooches, which only i myself do, and my fingers are so sore and beaten up right now…. ugh! it’s soo much worse than practising on the piano for my grade 8 exams…. i can still remember… the nightmare more than a decade ago…. that was a nightmare… this is just… crazy busy… but happy… but crazy….

so tired… but i’m also super excited because there are so many new surprises in store!!! in addition to the new stumpie items just newly introduced into the little odd forest, a brand new collection of designs will be rolling in soon!!!!! and then more new exciting things to follow!!!!!

– new tanktop print
– new mirrors and pin buttons
– new bags collection
– new surprises in the works! ssshhhhh for now…..

summer 2007 is going to be so kick-ass awesome!

i’ve drawn up some new plans for 2007 awhile back, mostly for myself (personal life goals to achieve) but also for littleoddforest, mostly overly-ambitious large plans as usual, and i most probably have been thinking about them too obsessively that i’ve been dreaming about them all every single gawd damn night!!? trying to think of ways to work things out. after the hospital incident awhile back, i haven’t had my beloved coffee… it was torturous for awhile, but then my obsessive compulsion to take over the world took over my mind (yeah, well, you know what i mean), and sudddenly one fine day.. i feel so hyped up and energetic and not so sleepy-yawny in the mornings anymore… it’s almost bordering a manic state… i could be exaggerating.. but oh well..

i’m mental. that’s what it is. people who know me well enough knows.

i’m off to bed… i’ve officially broken my sleeping curfew. yikes. and no, i’m not on drugs.


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