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i will not return calls

unless you leave me a voice message or if you repeatedly call more than twice, which hints its urgency.

if i miss a call, then it’s missed. sorry! i’ve been receiving way too many silly calls and it’s testing my patience. it’s especially annoying if i’m in the midst of a crazy sewing frenzy or photo-taking frenzy or just basically work which requires great concentration and attention. and it’s super duper annoying if i lose my track of thought or inspiration, or am on the phone in the midst of important overseas work matters, just because of one bloody phone call.

so unless i know your number, or get your voice message, or something, hey, sorry.

this is year 2007. i’m sure you have a cellphone to text me. i’ll more likely read a text than have a chance to pick up your call. email. okay? i’ve customer service assistants to help attend to emails. but not phone calls.

this might be coming across pretty rudely… i apologise!!! but it needs to be said this way. don’t call me when i’m overseas early in the morning 8am just to ask curtly and abruptly, not even with a hello – “where are your outlets?”

where are your manners, people???? tsk.

and dude, where did you get my phone number from??? from my website right??? then click and browse to look for the outlets! arrrggghhhh!

back to work…


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